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on television, and the losses are heartbreaking. i pledge america's continued commitment to the government and the people of haiti in the immediate effort to save lives and deliver relief and in the long-term effort to rebuild. president preval and i agreed it is absolutely essential that these efforts are well-coordinated among the united states and the government of haiti with the united nations, which continues to play an essential role and with the many national partners and aid organizations that are now on the ground. meanwhile american resources continue to arrive in haiti. search and rescue efforts continue to work pulling people out of the rubble. our team has stayed about the lives of american citizens and haitian citizens, often under extraordinarily difficult circumstances. this morning the aircraft carrier u.s.s. carl vincent arrived along with helicopters that will be critical in delivering assistance in the days to come. they are preparing to move badly needed water, food, and other life-saving supplies to priority areas in port-au-prince. food, water, and medicine continue
should be a bankrolled by america's most powerful interests or worse by foreign enemies. they should be decided by the american people. i would urge democrats and republicans to pass a bill that helps correct some of these problems. patti ann: well, shannon is live in washington with more. shannon, who is backing the president's position this morning? >> reporter: well, i think you can imagine there are a lot of democrats very unhappy about that ruling. they are continuing to stand by it and say, you have got this interpretation correct. apparently when he mentioned a foreign entities pouring out money into u.s. elections, that seems to be what got justice alito fired up. we saw his reaction there. you know, we heard from senator amy this morning. she sits on the senate judiciary committee which oversees the confirmation and nomination of the supreme court justices. she thought that moment last night was one of the most interesting. here is what she said. >> one of my favorite moments was when he took on the supreme court, and they were sitting right in the front. there aren't that m
at what america's strategic interests are. there are two conflicts going on there. one is with al-qaeda and the iranian peninsula. part of the larger terror problem worldwide. the other is with a group of rebels who are actually being assisted by iran. i think one thing we should be focusing on is to get the other arab states of the peninsula to work with us to prevent yemen from being further destabilize and turning into an al-qaeda base. it is in their interest to help us out. this is not simply an american pilot. we need to work with the government of yemen. it has its difficulties. it is not a wonderfully jeffersonian democratic government. it has made is deals with some of the terrorists. it is the government that is there, and american interests require that we go after al-qaeda in every way we can. martha: all right. good to see. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. trace: c-span is pressing to have cameras on hand as the house and senate work toward a compromise on health-care reform. an idea the president championed last year, but now they are trying to keep those came
auction of votes with his health care legislation in the history of the united states of america. and i think that the decision with regard to senator reid will be made by the voters of nevada. >> it is interesting to note that senator mitch mcconnell, the top republican in the senate was also at that press conference today and deferred when asked about reid, he said that is something the democrats will have to decide. >> it's up to voters in the fall. can reid pull off a comeback? >> the folks who have watched nevada politics for a long time say he's a fighter, he absolutely can do it. we're ten, 11 months out. i talked to dave myers, a political reporter out there, here's what she said about reid's chances. >> i think he's going to have a tough fight. really, the election is ten months out, senator reid is a fighter. it's the narrative on him but it's true. he's known for coming back in the end. and usually elections are won and lost in the final weeks and months. >> and you know, there's that story line about him being a former boxer. they say he's not going down without a fight, he'
of bin laden. what you need to know about the new face of terror in america. and then we have this for you, a couple guys goofing around on a train platform, one of them falls onto the tracks. his friends desperately -- there you see him going down onto the tracks, trying to get him before the train pulls away. this whole drama is next. trace: back live in the newsroom, it's the bottom of the hour. we are brand new information, now, on three big stories. new information on the homicide bomber who killed seven cia agents in afghanistan. katherine herd with the latest on that. >> we're learning more about the alleged bomber from his writings on the internet from the wed magazine that suicide attacks are justified because of the west, he says, and support of attacks in pakistan. the man who identifies himself as the father of two young girls claims there is no higher call canning than to die for his religion. this interview is cleary for propaganda -- clearly for prop propaganda purposes. i'll have more about that investigation at the top of the hour, trace. trace: katherine, tha
first international scene, well, kind of, when he posed semi-nude and was voted america's sexiest man back in 1982. a 22-year-old college student at the time. coakley went to williams. she had american airlines in 1967. the prosecutor in the british trial of the shaking death of 8-year-old matthew ether. she started her career in 1986 when she joined middlesex county district attorney's office. she rose to become the head of the child sex crimes unit. in the wake of that conviction in '97 she ran for da and won. and the 2006 race elected as the state attorney general. she likes to read, walk the land. as for scott brown he ran for the office of local assessor. went to the state house of representatives and moved up to the state senate. a colonel in the army national guard. his wife is a boston television reporter. also hosting a parenting show on the lifetime cable network. two college-aged girls. one was actually a finalist on fox's american idol." as for that now famous singer during the debate last week you recall the seat held by ted kennedy. he also said that when he announced th
in america within 12 hours. that's huge improvement. but getting to the people, getting the actual medicine to the people, is so hard that most cities just kind of throw up their hands and say this is too hard to do, we're not going to do it. trace: the report also focuses on the redundancies, the numbers of committees on homeland security, between 80 to 108. that's the problem with what happened with the abdulmutallab thing and the fort hood shooter, there are so many different committees talking to each other that you need to boil it down to just a few. is that a fair assessment? >> absolutely. congress got a flat f for failing to do anything to reform the way it oversees this terribly important function. and congress is the least likely to change of anybody. they're not going to respond to a report card that says f. they're not -- they haven't even challenged it. so it's such a die bowlcle difficult problem. i -- diabolically problem. the administration has had a slow start but i believe, talking to people around the president, this is something the president feels strongly about and we
. and it could trigger the big one right there in america's heartland. the question everyone wants to know is, when? we'll take you live to the fault line next. trace: breaking news told you about before the break you can see it there on the left-hand side of the screen. steve jobs has just unveiled the ipad. apple's newest toy. kind of a bigger version of the ipod touch. being told and i'm watching fox business along with talking to you at the same time. being told this thing really does. got one button at the bottom like your iphone and got the other buttons you push on and the screen expands and you can sweep across. calendars on there. you can organize your music and also go on the internet. it's about the size i guess of a notebook right. alisyn saying doesn't fit in your purse. alisyn: doesn't fit p in my purse sniment interested. trace: listen to steve jobs he just came out and announced this thing. so listen and we'll talk about it in a second. >> we think we've got something that is and we like to show it to you today for the first time. and we call it the ipad. [cheers and applause]
prison, and it was his hatred for america that led him to his actions on that day. their action bodies were flown home mistake. and told the officers leave behind eight children. in the middle box st. louis police identified the man suspected of going on a shooting rampage yesterday. the man killing three co-workers before turning the gun on himself. police still working to figure out the motive. in the bottom box, how low can you go? it is cold all over the country, but bismarck, north dakota last night, 32 below. not the wind chill, that was the straight-up temperature. the wind chill, 50 below. the good news, forecasters say, parts of the dakotas will start to warm up a bit maybe into the 30's. martha: well, police in hawthorne, california are on the hunt now for three brazen robbers who iht up an insurance business just steps away for from police headquarters. the folks in the building. the robbers bursting in, guns drawn. they tell the victims to hit the deck, and they steal from at least 30 people. police said they managed to get away with all of the stolen loot in about three mi
have been standing here watching all morning. search and rescue teams from latin america, the u.k., i also understand there are some other countries are coming in here, alisyn, and walking around. they can't get in. as you heard, the u.s. has put a stop. that is because they have the somehow end this backlog, this logjam of planes that try to come into port-au-prince. it is not good. some of those planes, as trace said, are circling overhead burning fuel. here is the facts. once those planes have been able to land they all love all of their humanitarian things. the plane leaves empty, but there are a lot of haitians who apparently have been trying to get into the airport and fly out on those planes somewhere. the haitian officials are saying we can't let you on those planes. we don't have a lot of ideas. they don't know who they're putting on the plane. they're not able to take haitians out of the area. many of the planes are coming back here. alisyn: so heartbreaking. orlando salinas live. thank you for the update. trace: meantime president obama address in a crisis time the people o
constituents is, these guys -- this guy's doing all kinds of crazy stuff who is going to destroy america. and i would just say that we have to think about tone. it is not just on your side by the way. it's on our side as well. this is part of what's happened in our politics. where we demonize the other side so much that when it comes to actually getting things done it becomes tough to do. >> dr. tom price from georgia and then we'll have one more after that if your time permits mr. president. >> you know, i'm having fun. this is great. [applause] >> so are we. tom price, georgia. >> mr. with the president i want to stick on the general topic of healthcare but ask a specific kbem you have repeatedly said most recently at the "state of the union" that republicans have offered no ideas and no solutionings -- solutionings. >> i don't think i said that, in what i said was in the context of healthcare, i remember that speech pretty well. it was only two days ago. i said i welcome ideas that you might provide. i didn't say you hadn't provided ideas i said i welcome those ideas that you'll provide. >>
qaeda in the yemeni peninsula talk about the target being america's foreign policy in terms of israel. trace: former head. good to see. patti ann: "time" magazine's person of the year. can he survive the senate? the senate has yet to decide whether or not to grant him another term in office. the democrats take another shot on the chin in the massachusetts senate race. what they are trying to do tend win back the populis. so many arthritis pain relievers -- i just want fewer pills and relief that lasts all day. take 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 to 6 hours?!? taking 8 pills a day... and if i take it for 10 days -- that's 80 pills. just 2 aleve can last all day. perfect. choose aleve and you can be taking four times... fewer pills than extra strength tylenol. just 2 aleve have the strength to relieve arthritis pain all day. trace: we are back live in the newsroom. it's the bottom of the hour. brand-new information on three big stories and developing news coming in on the deadly crash the ethiopian airlines 737 out of beirut, lebanon. following this live for us in the london. >> repor
was an american agent. he was too adversary to work for america. he could only have used america and jordan to reach his goals. i'm proud. my husband. he has carried out a very important operation in such a war. and then there is this question about he had ties to. did the bomber have ties to the notorious hakini network? this looks like a 1998 picture. this man used to be a u.s. ally during thduring the soviet occuf afghanistan. he's connected to al qaeda as is his son believed to be. is the network taking revenge against the cia for drone hits and taking out the leaders in that area? do you think that they were linked to this cia hit? >> the information we are pick up here in london is this hit against the cia in afghanistan close to the border of pakistan could not have taken place unless the hakanis knew about it and may even have been deeply involved in the operational aspects of it. the hakanis were once key allies of the cia when we were all noting the receive ye the sovien afghanistan. but they have turned against the west. they are supporters of the taliban. they are said to be ins
america back to work, because while wall street may be recovering, you and i know that your main streets have a long way to go. unemployment in your cities is still far too high, and because our metropolitan areas account for 90 percent of our economic output, they are the engines that we need to get started again. last month, i announced some additional targeted steps to spur private sector hiring and boost small businesses by building on the tax cuts in the recovery act and increasing access to the loans they desperately need to grow. i said we'd rebuild and modernize even more of our transportation and communications networks across the country. in addition to the infrastructure projects that are already scheduled to come on line this year. i called for the extension of emergency relief to help hurting americans who have lost their jobs, and you can expect a continued sustained and relentless effort to create good jobs for the american people. i will not rest until we've gotten that. but -- [applause] >> >> i also know that each of you worries about the long term effects this economy
in america than there are right now. trace: which is why you can see the administration pivoting. that is the big board. >> reporter: we have been saying this. turn the focus to jobs. forget health care. finally, here we are. trace: good to see you, sir. alisyn: as of today the deadline has come and gone. guantanamo bay is still open a year after president obama promised to close it. today word of the recommendation that doznes of the suspected terrorists are to be brought here. plus mother nature unleashing her fury. dangerous weather is gripping parts of the country. bsorbed py flooding, major snowstorms and terminals. more of this dramatic video for it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal. trace: just passed the hour breaking into boxes. in the top box former democratic party chairman howard dean says it is still not too late to pass a limited version of health care reform. dean told cbs he believes democrats can still get a modest version through congress. have concluded they can benefit politically by resisting president p
his picture on america's most wanted *. phil, talk to fuss about how he reacted -- talk to us about how you reacted when the marshals stormed into his hotel room. >> not only did he kill two relatives, he shot and wounded two others. one is in a coma. the husband of one of the twin sisters who is now dead. she was pregnant. this guy has no idea what happened to all of his family members and his wife and his unborn child. when he was arrested saturday night, paul merhidge in the florida keys between key largo and key west, a remote stretch of the island at the edgewater lodge hotel. marshals stormed into the room and threw in a flash grenade. his replay in stark contrast was, quote, please don't shoot me over and over again to police as well as u.s. marshals. they say he fled into the bathroom. they had to break into the sliding glass door because he barricaded himself inside the hotel room. he stockpiled peanut butter, water, fruit, to stay in that room and sustain himself and monitor the internet and see when things got close. martha: how did they find him? and how did he avoid bei
to this country and, perhaps, ponce attacks here if they chose to. trace: talk about america's role in this. >> one of the interesting elements is that we have seen over the last 18 months to two years that americans have gone to the training camp in east africa. one of their figureheads, if you will, is an african-american citizen coming from daphne, alabama. he is the western face of the organization. you see his high school yearbook picture he is very involved and the propaganda. he is put together videos to try and urge people to join. clearly he is in touch with a very specific generation, people under 30 in his efforts to try and bring them into the role in somalia. trace: live for us in d.c. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> a deadly day to report for troops. six nato service members including three americans were killed in separate attacks in the region. according to a u.s. military spokesman the american troops died in a firefight with militants during an operational patrol in southern afghanistan. two french officers also killed in an area largely controlled by insurgents. the six
. america hates this bill. if you're a democrat in a questionable race what are you saying to your constituents? >> well, i think what you are saying is nothing, hoping the you can pass this thing and get it behind you as quickly as possible. that has been the white house strategy all along. if you remember, the president wanted this done in august. they have been trying to get it done and it keeps lingering on and lingering on. in the polls in massachusetts liberals aren't that it enthusiastic. the taxes on health care plans and other initiatives that they are afraid are going to hurt medicare, hurt medicaid and things like that. so this is an unpopular piece of legislation. trace: i got to go, but i am amn very curious about these backroom deals. are all these backroom deals that were promised, are they all going to be uphill? >> that is a real concern for the senate. there are a lot of senators, guys like ben nelson from nebraska who would love to get a chance to get away. they are just looking for an excuse. if the deals go away their votes may go away. trace: from the "washin
to make america the most hopeful country in the world. thank you very much everybody. jamie: the president certainly noting the significant -- significance of this day historically and the henries who were there who had met martin luther king jr. mr. henry 105 and mrs. henry 102. very historic day with many children present as well. trace: brand new pictures from haiti. these are u.s. troops on the ground in haiti. remember there are some 4,000 troops. as we sit right now there are 4,000 u.s. troops on the ground in haiti. an additional 7,000 troops are surrounding it on ships around haiti and we expect 2000 more marines to be in the country by the end of today. their goal is twofold. one, to make sure that security is in place and two to distribute all of the food and aid. there are tons if not hundreds of tons of supplies, food, medicine and water. the need to get out to the people of haiti. the military is responsible or at least coordinating that massive effort. brand new pictures coming out of port-au-prince. the u.s. military on the scene. we'll bring you breaking images and new info
care reform go from here? plus, keeping america safe in the wake of the attempted christmas day attack. we will take you live to a capital hearing on the lessons learned in the ongoing war on terror. there are asses. ♪ people say i'm forgetful. maybe that's why we go to so many memorable places. love the road you're on. the subaru outback. motor trend's 2010 sport/utility of the year. jamie: "fox news alert" as we look into the white house briefing room as we're waiting for white house press secretary robert gibbs to come and give his daily briefing which has been a bit delayed may have an indication why. crossing the wires right now is a report from abc news that says president obama says that the senate should not try to jam is the quote healthcare bill through until massachusetts newest senator, senator brown elect is seated. that crossing the wires right now while we wait for this briefing no doubt the press secretary will be peppered with questions about last night's stunning victory in massachusetts. what the future of healthcare reform and overhaul will be for this country eve
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